Qardio launches QardioMD, a digital platform for doctors

Qardio launches QardioMD, a digital platform for doctors

San Francisco, CA, May 14, 2016 – Qardio, Inc., the multi award-winning digital health company, unveiled today QardioMD, its powerful new platform to help healthcare professionals easily provide excellent care to large numbers of patients using new generation of smart health devices.

Qardio’s connected devices, QardioArm, QardioBase and QardioCore, offer users a convenient way to take medically accurate measurements of key heart health metrics including blood pressure, heart rate, weight and continuous ECG. Their resounding success has proven consumers’ strong desire to use the latest technologies to take control of their health.

Ask doctors about the digital health revolution and they love the idea, at least in principle: routine measurements for chronic conditions are a drain on time and resources and patients providing this information reliably and accurately themselves would free doctors to provide better care to more patients with those same resources. But the reality for doctors today has been that managing the constant, unstructured flow of patient-generated data is next to impossible.

QardioMD solves this problem in a way that complements traditional EHR systems perfectly. Using a customizable library of algorithms, it continuously analyzes the data generated by patients and automatically prioritizes them according to their doctor’s need. This allows the doctor quickly to focus on those who require attention while giving him peace of mind that nothing has been missed. Diagnosis and treatment is now supported by comprehensive, well presented, medically accurate information leading to better medical outcomes.

“Qardio’s devices are already used in clinical trials, research projects and population health management initiatives but until now a doctor’s practice hasn’t been really able to truly take

advantage of the potential connected health devices have to offer,” said Marco Peluso, CEO, Qardio. “QardioMD brings the digital health revolution right into the doctor’s office.”

When patients monitor themselves from the comfort of their home, they can do so more often and without imposing on the doctor’s time. QardioMD lets the the doctor to make the best use of that information.

“As most states now reimburse doctors for remote monitoring, we have been receiving requests from doctors and healthcare providers to create an easy way for them to take on more patients suitable for out-of-the office monitoring, including those with hypertension and other chronic conditions.” said Alexis Zervoglos, Chief Business Officer, Qardio. “With QardioMD, the patient saves time and money on routine check-ups while doctors can take on more patients without increasing their workload. Our powerful QardioMD platform makes it possible.”

For more information on QardioMD, please visit www.QardioMD.com