Qardio launches PLACES feature with QardioArm

Qardio launches PLACES feature with QardioArm

We are pleased to announce the latest version of the Qardio App introduces the new Places feature to track blood pressure measurements across space and time. QardioArm users can now capture a rich and unprecedented continuum of data allowing them to see how their blood pressure changes around their lives, when they are home, at work, and even when they travel.  
Places is another leap forward in the QardioArm Smart Blood Pressure Monitor’s unique and pioneering lineup of features:

  • Elegant and compact design, allowing QardioArm to be with you anytime, anywhere
  • Photo Slideshow, to aid relaxation during blood pressure measurement
  • Irregular Heart Beat History, to monitor past instances of irregular heart beat notifications
  • Activity View, to track accomplishments in measuring blood pressure, and promote more consistent monitoring
  • Family and Doctor Sharing, to allow seamless data sharing with family, close friends and doctors

and, now

  • Places, to monitor blood pressure changes across multiple locations
  • “Other connected medical devices on the market use the smartphone as a glorified LCD display. Our purpose is to unleash the power of mobile, connected health by introducing exceptional designs and revolutionary features that empower consumers, patients and physicians”, said Rosario Iannella, Qardio’s CTO. In September 2014, QardioArm was the first medical device supporting Apple’s Health available on the App Store. Today, Places adds a new interesting, engaging and useful dimension to help QardioArm users keep their blood pressure in check, furthering Qardio’s leveraging of the latest mobile technology to transform heart health.  

  The Importance of Places Everyone’s blood pressure varies during the day: it tends to be highest in the morning and lowest in the evening, and may change depending on activity, or due to anxiety or stress. With modern, dynamic lifestyles these daily changes can occur more often. Places can help QardioArm users, together with their physicians, to keep track of their blood pressure measurements not only at different times, but also in different locations, in a way that may be more effective for busy people who want to understand their heart health better and take control. Privacy Qardio has the highest respect for user privacy, so each user can only see his/her own location data. Nobody else (other than the user himself/herself) can have access to his/her own location data. Availability QardioArm works with iOS and Android. Places is available on the Qardio App for iOS only and works with iOS 7.0 or later. The Qardio App is available for download now here.