Safe exercises for those with hypertension

Safe exercises for those with hypertension

We at Qardio are big advocates of preventative healthcare.  That includes monitoring your health, eating right and, of course, exercising.  For people with hypertension, fitness is a great way to prevent heart disease, heart attack and other chronic conditions. That’s why we asked some of the world’s top doctors and fitness experts to recommend the best fitness moves for people with high blood pressure.

Surprisingly safe exercises for adults over 50 - PilatesPilates
Looking for a gentle yet effective way to stay fit? General Surgery Resident Alina Baciu of Try Healthier recommends Pilates to strengthen muscles, improve joint mobility and control breathing.  Pilates uses low impact positions to elongate and strengthen muscles, and the emphasis on abdominal exercises combats lower back pain and corrects posture. 

Strengthen your core
“It is common for people over 50 to experience lower back pain due to weak core muscles” advices certified personal trainer Sandy Scamman of Lifetime Athletics.  To avoid discomfort, try strengthening core with exercises including plank with hip extension and side-lying plank.  A strong core will ward off back pain, promote better posture and help you feel great.

Surprisingly safe exercises for adults over 50 - BikingPrevent heart disease
Physical activity can help prevent heart disease, diabetes and osteoarthritis advises Dr. Sam Rosenberg Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation specialist at Columbia University Medical Center. Dr. Rosenberg recommends choosing a cardio workout that fits your fitness level and motivates you.  For example, try taking a brisk walk or biking through an easy outdoor trail, staying on flat ground or hills depending on how challenging of a workout you want.

Keep balanced
Balance is key when exercising.  That’s why health expert and founder of PH360 Matt Reimann recommends improving stability by strengthening ankles, hips and core.  Try simple poses like lunges or planks with alternating legs and arms raised. Improving balance will prevent injury and prepare your body for more rigorous exercise routines.

Calf raises
Gentle strengthening exercises are important for those with hypertension, more so if you suffer from arthritis. Dr. Barbara Bergin is an expert on bone and joint pain, and she recommends calf raises to strengthen leg muscles without risking damage to knees or ankles. Dr. Bergin also suggests trying bridge exercises to strengthen gluteal muscles and improve stability.

Low impact cardio workouts
Your heart is a muscle just like any other and needs to be exercised regularly.  For those with high blood pressure, low impact cardio workouts are the best option according to Dr. Michael Wilmink, orthopedic surgeon of OrthoArizona.  Dr. Wilmink specifically recommends swimming, water aerobics and walking because they are gentle on bones, joints and muscles.

Surprisingly safe exercises for adults over 50 - Overall Health and WellnessOverall health and wellness
Exercising with high blood pressure should focus on overall health and wellness. How good your body feels is a lot more important than getting that six pack – so pay attention to your health routine. iClinic of The Virtual Hospital suggests doing exercises that you feel comfortable with and following that up with a healthy diet.  Exercising at the same time each day and taking vitamins or supplements may also add to a healthy lifestyle.

Track your results
To track the results of your improved heart health routine, use QardioArm, our smart blood pressure monitor, and monitor your blood pressure levels and heart rate regularly. You can also track your weight by using QardioBase. This smart wireless scale makes managing your weight loss journey fun and easy! QardioBase measures your weight, muscle mass, body fat, and BMI. It’s easy to use and an essential part of your healthy lifestyle.

Last updated: January 23, 2019