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Introducing a groundbreaking innovation in heart monitoring. QardioCore’s medical-grade monitoring technology will change the way you live.
Optimum Heart Health
Preventive measures are the best way to manage and even avoid future heart-related conditions. QardioCore and QardioApp work together to provide clear, comprehensible data that assists your doctor with clinical assessment leading to optimal heart-health.
Continuous Monitoring
Continually provides medical-grade monitoring of your ECG, heart rate, Heart Rate Variability, levels of physical activity, variations in body temperature, and more.
Remote Doctor Visits
Let your doctor ‘see’ you without visiting the office. QardioApp transmits your QardioCore health data to a secure storage cloud your healthcare provider can access any time. Remote monitoring may reduce your need for in-person visits, which saves you time and money.
Progress As It Happens
Simple steps can improve your heart condition and change your life. As it happens, you can monitor your health data through QardioApp, which converts your activity information into clear, comprehensible feedback.
Sports Package
Optimal performance monitoring along with accurate, comprehensible feedback for those returning to their peak performance.
Call it Coach. QardioCore will inspire you to reach new levels of performance no matter your starting point.
The Sports Package gives you tools needed to reduce your recovery time. Continuous monitoring with QardioCore provides accurate records of your ECG, heart rate, Heart Rate Variability, intensity of physical activity and body temperature.
Tailored Training
Personalize your training program by selecting exactly what you want to measure, such as Stress Level vs. Heart Rate Variability. Monitor your progress during and after every workout.
Unparalleled ease of use and comfort that works around your life.
Elegant Design
A stylishly designed user-experience that just works. QardioCore is comfortable, form fitting and discrete—small enough to be invisible under your t-shirt.
Precise and accurate
Pre-processed user data allows medical providers to better focus on offering preventative healthcare measures rather than reactionary ones.
Cloud Platform
Qardio’s proprietary cloud platform offers maximum security for your biometric data with HIPAA compliance and military-grade encryption.
Doctor Access
Qardio’s Web and iOS applications allow your doctors or healthcare providers to remotely monitor your heart-health on a routine basis. With Qardio, doctors can evaluate an up-to-date, evolving picture of your heart-health.
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